Urbanity Ad Network

Komisyon Tipi:... CPM, CPC, CPV, PopUp
Minimum Ödeme: ...$ 50
Ödeme Sıklığı: ...İki Haftada Bir
Ödeme Şekli:...Paypal, Çek, Havale
Ülke:... US
İletişim: publisher@urbanityadnetwork.com
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Urbanity Ad Network İnceleme

Urbanity ile tıklama ve gösterim başına kazanç sağlayabilirsiniz, kazançlarınız 50 $ ve üstü olduğunda her iki haftada bir  paypal hesabınıza aktarabilirsiniz.

Bünyesinde pek çok reklam veren ve yayıncılar ile çalışan Urbanity, bir çok reklam modeliyle dikkat çekiyor. Rarporlama sistemiyle de detaylı olarak istatistikleriniz kontrol edebilirsiniz.

Urbanity Ad Network Review

Quick Easy Payments – No need to hassle with merchant accounts or collections. We handle it for you. Payments are sent out on the 14th and 28th of each month via PayPal or check with a low minimum requirement of just $50.

Live Support – Our success depends on your success. We’re always here via phone or email to help you optimize your account or answer any questions.

Maximum Revenue – Advertisers are willing to pay more for highly targeted traffic, as it converts into more clicks and gets the desired results they’re looking for. The higher click through rates, coupled with the higher cost per click, results in more revenue for the publisher.

No Risk – Our platform lets you set the minimum price you’re willing to accept for your traffic. If we can’t meet those minimums your traffic defaults back to any ad provider of your choice. This all happens instantaneously and ensures you’ll always be making top dollar for your traffic.

Variety Of Offers – You know what works best on your site and can choose to work with whatever cost metric you prefer, including PPC, CPM, CPI, CPV, or CPA programs. We also provide 10 different ad formats to chose from, so ads can easily integrate into any site.

Referral Program – Spread the word about our service and earn a 10% commission on each publisher who joins the network. Best yet, this commission is residual, meaning you’ll get 10% on referred publishers for as long as you and/or the referred site remain on our network.

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